Monday, December 1, 2008


I wake and find another reason to lose faith in the capabilities of the human race to solve problems without violence.

The events in Mumbai are revolting. This terrorism cannot be justified as patriotism, because the ends it fulfills are not only unclear, but moreso, almost nonexistent. A statement being made? Yes. But it is written in blood and despair, not ink.

183 dead so far. More than 200 wounded and for what? I still have yet to see the goal or message that these fools were trying to get across. Wanton violence and death, so many children now orphaned in the most literal sense. And no one even knows WHAT YOU WERE TRYING TO SAY.

Peace be with those who have lost so much in India. You are victims of a mutated and insane ideology that glorifies and worships hate, upheld by the mentally unfit. This ideology is religion.

My thoughts most truly go out to all of you.

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