Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revolution in Iran

Neda is dead. Students and people protesting the sexist, fascist dictatorship of Ahmadinejad are being fired on. A media blackout is underway. We don't know how many people are dead, arrested, or imprisoned. The people assemble in the streets and burn trash, throw rocks, smash windows. Insurrection might be at hand, all because of the measures used by the state in an attempt to quell defiance. Neda, a protester among the throes of Iran's disenfranchised, was shot in the chest, dead on the streets. Her death was the biggest mistake the state could have made.

How many other revolutions have been started by a martyr, galvanized and hardened by loss of life? By challenging the institution of the supreme leader, Neda died. By questioning authority, for wanting her voice heard, Neda was shot. How much blood will be spilled on the streets before the people win or lose their fight against social control? How much blood has already been spilled?

It has happened before. The people outnumber the police and the military. The people don't have all the guns, but they do have the resolve, and the ingenuity to topple this completely top-down system so prevalent and clear in Iran. It's time for a counter-strike, it's time to rip down the quasi-religious fascist dictatorship currently in place, and then rebuild a new society. It's happened before, and it can happen again. The climate is perfect to wipe away the fundamentalist garbage and clear the way for change. The people have taken up arms.

What is to be done by the Anarchists all over the world? I say solidarity with Neda and the oppressed of Iran. I say actions need to be taken to pierce the media-blackout that the Iranian state has put into place. We need people over here in the states and Europe and Africa to participate and get the word out about just what the fuck is going on in Iran.

What can we learn from Iran? When it's all over, we'll see.

Solidarity for Neda!
Solidarity for all!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unstructured Rant

What can I believe in when I see countries funding genocide in Africa and the Middle East? Where can I retreat to when I see squalor, poverty, and hunger in the richest nation on the planet? What can I say in defense of humans when we blindly uphold an economic system that keeps every "developing" country's nose in the mud? What can I say when we enforce this economic system with police in every town, with soldiers invading other countries and policing the people there, with boot and gun? Bullets and baton?

It's hard to be a humanist when sometimes, I want to scream, fight, punch, kick, break my monitor, pull my hair out at what we fucking do to ourselves. People that thrive off of total control and oppression might always be around, but they don't need to rule the streets with badges and guns, and they don't need to police foreign lands in camo either, much less be the ruling CEOs/Politicians. I have faith in humans, I have seen what we can do when we use our labor voluntarily, with good intent and to achieve a mutually beneficial end for everyone. I see Anarchy work every day, because I implement it into my life. Still, I wretch at the racism, fascism, inequality, and the class gap. I twitch in dejected anger at the greed some can display, and how this greed can keep the majority of our population impoverished. It makes me sick. It stirs me to action.

Am I strong enough to keep pushing Humanism, the main precept of Anarchal Philosophy, even if I sometimes just want to reject it and everything, and fall into Nihilism? I won't. I won't become marred in that sand-trap. I will stay strong to the philosophy that I love and understand and want to see realized in practice the world over.

Our fight won't be over until the guts of the last priest hang the last politician. Our fight won't be over until coercion implemented by the state ceases to be. Our fight won't be over until the state and the church burn like trash in a dank Philadelphia alley, warming the hands of the homeless that they keep there to further their profit margins. Our fight sure as fuck isn't over yet.

What will it take to make the people become self-aware? A complete economic collapse? A lack of food and goods? An environmetnal degradation so severe it changes everything we know? a lack of the fossil-fuel that we subsist on like gluttonous pigs? I don't know. but when it does happen, I will be the one breaking into the supermarkets and tossing the food out to those who had to go hungry. I will be the one waving the red & black. I will be the one armed with bricks and fire and hammer and wrench, ready to end the fascist's hold on the people forever. I will be the one building hospitals and libraries and housing where there once stood churches and office space. Will you be the person too?

Fight forever, everyday. We are moving towards a Revolution for everyone, for freedom.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Note

Who is it that becomes an Anarchist? Do they possesses inherently noble characteristics? Generosity, faith in humans, pride in our ability to overcome, adapt, succeed and live? Do they live by the precepts of mutual aid, shunning debt and loan, but providing help and kindness regardless of issue? Do they shun all inequality, racist, sexist, homophobic or classist? Do they want change for the better, change for good? Do they possess a proud solidarity and union with their comrades and the masses still hypnotized by convention, religion and tradition?


Are they crazed from the seemingly hopeless struggle that they nonetheless fight every day? Are they desperate for any chance to gain ground in an absurdly one-sided fight? Do they throw bricks, light molotovs, plant bombs, vandalize, destroy property and assault police? Do they violently protest fascism and authority? Are they insurrectionists, revolutionaries? Do they organize Direct Actions to combat the systems of oppression so rife not just in America, but all over the world?


Are they every frustrated day-laborer, every disgruntled accountant, office-worker or code-monkey? Do they hate their jobs, and realize that they are squandering their lives away in pursuit of the carrot that is really a stick? Are they the students, bullied, picked on, fucked with, reviled for being different or too normal? Are they the college kids, crushed by debt in vain pursuit of an education and a way out of middle-class purgatory?


Are they the addicts, the junkies, the alcoholics, the drug-users who have given up in the face of a hopeless future and now find solace in chemicals? Are they the gangs of urban cities, lost to the world, but connected and unified in the fact that at least they are lost together? Are they the thieves of necessity, the criminals of life, the embezzlers, the victims of decades of the same cycle of economic repression?


Are they the gays, lesbians, transfolk, queers, the sexually repressed and hopeless? Are they the rebels of sexuality, true to themselves and humanity, but against the way things are? Are they radicals themselves, on the homefront and in front of the barricade? Are they greens, environmentalists, animal liberators? Are they the new face of the movement, emerging and making their presence known whilebeing welcomed with open arms by me?


You are all in my revolution. You are all my comrades, all my friends, even if I haven't met you yet. You are all Anarchists, you are all cells of the revolution inherent within all of us. You are all me, and I am you. We are all in this together.

We are all in this together

In solidarity
for liberation
for revolution