Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Your Job, Your Battlefield

Don't let people ever take advantage of you. At your place of employment, this type of thing happens all the time--you are always being used, by the Assistant Manager, the Store Manager, the District Manager, the head boss, etc. etc.

To most bosses (and this is one of the sharpened, venom-soaked fangs of capitalism) you are not a person. You are merely another tool, like the cash-register you ring people up at, or the factory switchboard you watch over. Most bosses will outwardly appear like they care about you as a person, but in truth, most have major ego problems, getting their rocks off by greedily holding on to the kernel of power that they were given by some smarmy corporate piece of trash.

Yeah, that plastic name-badge and title make you a better person than me, Mr. Manager.

That whole "office politics" bullshit just makes me sick. The idea that you have to stand and take the fact that people talk behind your back and are a detriment to your work because of personal grudges etc. is ridiculous. Whatever your problems are with me, don't abuse the position you were given to mess with me. In the long run, you're coveting a title given to you only to further ingrain the hierarchy of the workplace into your mindset. With your promotion to manager, you are not more "free" than the cashier. In fact, you are only chained down further, because you are accepting your new role, and this new role will only open you up to further subjugation from the higher-ups. the further you climb the "corporate ladder," the stronger your chains become.

This is Marxian but meaningful;

Until the proletariat is recognized as an individual, he will merely work linearly, like a tool.

People are not tools, people are people. How many Assistant Managers forget this and treat their underlings like slaves? How many people are dissatisfied with their place of employment mostly because of the way they are treated, like disposables?
I'm guessing its more people than just me....

We are not tools. Don't ever forget this, no matter how hard the machine trys to impress the idea upon you.

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Jesse M. said...

Nicely written, not tools- unfortunately many of us should be.