Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ideas for those who wish to participate in a little Direct Action....

1) Paint Bulbs-- Pick your favorite store (Wal-Mart, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or even, dare I say it, the local Police Station?!) and "redecorate" it with these compact little devices. To create, take a light-bulb and carefully, with a knife or some other implement, chip away the black part on the bottom. Then, with a pair of needle-nosed pliers remove the filament. Now, you should basically have a glass container, and that's what you want. Fill with paint (Red? Black?) and cap with a little square of duct tape. Throw at whatever you want. Splatters nicely and if you fill it with quick dry model paint or the like (I'm talking permanent here) it's a sonofabitch to get off.

2)Robin Hood Crime-- Go to the local grocery store and steal food. Donate these foods (canned, etc.) to local charities, or better yet, avoid the corporate channel and give it to some people in need in person. Do the same with jackets, blankets and socks. You can make off with a lot of socks from Wal-Mart if you know how to do it. Wear a jacket and slip a bag under the armpit, then walk out. They have no anti-theft strip. Believe me, if you've ever talked to a homeless person, they'll tell you what a godsend socks are.

3)Artistic Vandalism-- This is common sense. Take your favorite quote (Anarchy is Order, etc.) and plaster it everywhere. Use spray-bottles, carve it into cheap plastic and mirrors, scrawl with felt-tip pens, etc. Visit www. for some very provocative and informational stickers that you can throw up everywhere. These little thought-bombs do a lot of good in getting the message out, check the site, it's really great.

4)Free Information-- Print off a sheaf of your favorite pamphlets and stick them all over. Good spots are the courthouse, local library, local bulletin boards, etc. Or, you could be very bold and put an info box on some "public" property. Take a mailbox or some receptacle and fill it with your chosen leaflets. Stick this on the aforementioned "public" property, maybe with a sign advertising Free Info. when it gets ripped down, put another one back up.

5)Start a Collective-- Find some people that have similar interests. Advertise an, "Alternative Politics Study Group" etc, and see how many people reply via email. Talk to people. Find out how many other Pirates there are in your town, you might be surprised!! Leave that same email on the pamphlets that you plant around town. You might be surprised how many responses you get. Hit up College hangouts if you are that age. If not, talk to people that congregate at work, school, etc.

If things get rolling, meet a few times a month and just talk at first. Get a feel for how the "group members," read individuals, feel about politics etc. Then, after a couple meetings, see if they would like to participate in some Direct Action. It doesn't have to be heavy, it can be something as simple as some Direct Charity. Regardless of how deep your action goes, you're making a difference, and now you have some allies. You'll likely make some good friends through this, don't forget about that! Encourage group members to share personal skills with the rest of the group so you can all benefit from them. Encourage learning, and HAVE FUN.

More later maybe. I take no responsibility for what anyone does with this info, for thought?


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