Friday, December 26, 2008

Calling all Comrades

The below site is one of the larger "white-pride" hate-group watering holes that I have been monitering for a few weeks. A short peek inside will give the morbidly curious a glimpse at just how skewed and absurd their fascist white-pride ideology is. They tout their ideas as philosophical, when all they do is wallow in wanna-be tautological postulates and further attmept, ATTEMPT, to justify their mental inferiority and feel good about their hatred.

These are the ones who need to be recognized.

In short, KNOW YOUR ENEMY. These people will be the stormtroopers and shock-troopers that will give their lives willingly for a police-state, and kill for the destruction of our ideals, as long as it claims to be in the name of an ethnically pure and "untainted" world.

These are the ones we need to watch for. these will be the nameless robots who work day-in, day-out to destroy us. They hold Anarchists in equal contempt with the other HUMANS that they deem inferior. Well, in short,

fuck them.

Those "White Nationalists," those neo-fascists who are trying so hard to undermine what freedom stands for, those are the ones who will be our immediate enemy. The fatter cats, the imperial devils in their suits and ties, will use them as the pawns to destroy us.

In short, follow your leader, and stick a gun in your mouth while saluting the Fuhrer one last time.

I digress--

Do what you will with the site. By all means spam it, send some malicious code, or better yet, prove the bastards wrong. I can't read anything on the site for more than five minutes without becoming wracked with anger, and I think you'll understand what I mean if you have a look for yourself. Know that these animals are out there, and that they're hunting for our freedom too.



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