Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

It's an obligatory post for me. Patriotism, faith in the state, it's all the same and it's all bullshit. Don't be proud just because you mother shot you out of her vagina in the USA or wherever. Be proud of yourself and what you can do as a human being. Be proud of other humans. Don't love America, the state, love Benjamin Franklin. Love the people that push us forward, not the state that we assume facilitates our progress and our very lives. Don't celebrate our forced bondage to laws and passive resignation to societal norms by lighting fireworks or waving flags dripping with oil and sweat and blood. We live among hungry pigs and wolves, snorting and oinking in congress or howling at the moon after grabbing up more cheap foreign labor.

I pledge allegiance to no flag. For me, there is no authority but myself, and that's it. I move to make a difference every day through my lifestyle. I question the legitimacy of my flag and yours. I question the authority of every flag and every state and every fucking president or masked dictator or politician or priest. I don't submit to lighting sparklers in honor of something vile.

Solidify your rage in words or stones or fire and do something with it. Rage is a creative force. Don't simmer, blow the lid of the pot off. Coercion doesn't need to rule your world, and you don't need to be gradually softened to the idea of hopelessness in your own abilities by FOX news or CNN. This shit is in your hands, human hands. Let's do something together, not divided into nations, bred to hate each other. United as humans, we could achieve so much, yet we stay divided up into countries, loyal to a few colors on a piece of cloth.

My flag is black. It is every color.


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LazyKing said...

Well I kinda agree with you with some points.
I hope you had a good week-end. The best part during 4th of July is the bbq. LOL