Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revolution in Iran

Neda is dead. Students and people protesting the sexist, fascist dictatorship of Ahmadinejad are being fired on. A media blackout is underway. We don't know how many people are dead, arrested, or imprisoned. The people assemble in the streets and burn trash, throw rocks, smash windows. Insurrection might be at hand, all because of the measures used by the state in an attempt to quell defiance. Neda, a protester among the throes of Iran's disenfranchised, was shot in the chest, dead on the streets. Her death was the biggest mistake the state could have made.

How many other revolutions have been started by a martyr, galvanized and hardened by loss of life? By challenging the institution of the supreme leader, Neda died. By questioning authority, for wanting her voice heard, Neda was shot. How much blood will be spilled on the streets before the people win or lose their fight against social control? How much blood has already been spilled?

It has happened before. The people outnumber the police and the military. The people don't have all the guns, but they do have the resolve, and the ingenuity to topple this completely top-down system so prevalent and clear in Iran. It's time for a counter-strike, it's time to rip down the quasi-religious fascist dictatorship currently in place, and then rebuild a new society. It's happened before, and it can happen again. The climate is perfect to wipe away the fundamentalist garbage and clear the way for change. The people have taken up arms.

What is to be done by the Anarchists all over the world? I say solidarity with Neda and the oppressed of Iran. I say actions need to be taken to pierce the media-blackout that the Iranian state has put into place. We need people over here in the states and Europe and Africa to participate and get the word out about just what the fuck is going on in Iran.

What can we learn from Iran? When it's all over, we'll see.

Solidarity for Neda!
Solidarity for all!



Anonymous said...

We can hope, or not- before the revolution was supported by the USA and than they turned on us (understandably)
Well written and keep going with it!


Monkey Wrench said...

I know what you're saying, but in this situation, I can say fuck politics altogether. This time, its about the people. We'll always be "meddling" or whatever, the US gets names thrown at it all the time. Fuck Obama, fuck their supreme leadeer. This is about the people, not politicians.

Thanks for the comment as always J.
Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Well, I believe in Moldova, when the power went out, protesters used Facebook and Twitter on the phones and laptops to gather together in predetermined spots. They took over the Parliament building (which was ultimately taken back).

If one thing has leaned to the side of social's technology. Perhaps through Facebook and Twitter and Myspace, or on, you could form an Anarchist's group and meet to discuss and active about these things.

Wasn't there another Eastern/Middle Eastern Democratic woman who was recently assassinated?

Brian said...

It's funny. I was looking online for sawdust which I use for mushroom cultivation and your blog came up. Coincidentally I too am an anarchist. Too look up something as random as sawdust and to run into another anarchist is really interesting to me. Maybe it was just a totally random event. However, I am going to choose to believe that it is evidence that our numbers are growing. Happy Birthday brother.


Monkey Wrench said...

Haha we meet in strange ways then... Glad to have you reading, give me a link or something to get back to at if you wish!!


Anonymous said...
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