Friday, March 20, 2009

The State of Education

Education. I can literally and realistically think of nothing more valuable to survival and life itself. To truly live, you must be educated and you must understand your surroundings. Now, I will not say how you need to be educated, to what extent, or through whom, but I stand by my assertion. You can be educated on the street, through friends and people, through the classroom or anywhere really, though it would make sense to have a designated place specified for learning. Enter: The School.

I'm drifting here--let's talk about public schools. In short, they suck, and they are at the same time refreshingly progressive. In this day and age, children in the US are pretty much guaranteed some sort of education, to some sort of extent. It's not as good as it could be (few things are...) but it's ok, and better than many.

We get a basic grounding in school, we learn life skills, but often the wrong ones. Schools today are indoctrination camps for future CEO's and soldiers, future oppressors. Schools are the hunting grounds of military recruiters, especially the urban public schools, which are populated by the demographic that they covet most (poor black and Latino kids). Schools are where Authority is first imposed on the young mind, and if we are not strong enough, the 'student' falls into the tired and dangerous traditions of the Capitalist. For those who are strong, for the number of children who question authority and wonder, "Why?", the schools can be conquered, and individual free-thought can come. I mean, look at me!!! I wasn't hopelessly indoctrinated into Capitalism, and I went through 12 years of public education! What I'm saying is that even though the odds are against you, there are children who can come through the school system unscathed and still 'free' in the sense that they think outside of the box and for themselves.

Still, this is not the case for the majority, and that is a sad fact. Until we are graced with the presence of a new generation of educators in the public school system, we won't ever break the cycle of re-indoctrinating our children into an economic and political system of violence and domination (Capitalism). We need to get new people in there, we need to sweep out all the conservative educators who are closing the minds of the youth and making them statues, static and regressive rather than progressive. That, I do believe, is the main problem with education, especially in the US.

We could easily change the state of the urban schools if we fixed the economic problems inherent with Capitalism. Urban schools don't have to be hunting grounds for the JROTC and Marines. These schools could just as easily function if the economic side of things was fixed. That school in Philadelphia needs computers and books?--They get them. End of fucking story! By not providing quality resources AND educators for the destitute urban youth, WE ARE CONDEMNING THEM TO THE SAME PATHS THAT THEY HAVE SEEN IN ACTION ALL THEIR LIVES! CRIME, POVERTY, HOPELESSNESS!

It's easy for me to see this. It's also easy for me to provide an oversimplified solution, like any pundit or critic. Still, I think that this problem is very fixable, it's just not economical. It's not in the Congressman's best interest to fix the schools, to make them better than they are. "Hey!," they say, starting the guilt trip, "our schools are better than many. Shouldn't you at least have some respect for what we've tried to do and what we're trying to do?" I answer this statement with the FACT that wanting more, wanting progress is not greedy, and it should not make us feel guilty. The schools are ok, and yes, better than some. Why not make them better? Why not strive for more?

In closing, I stand by my statement that Education is the greatest and most valuable thing able to be given to anyone. You will benefit so greatly from an education, the correct type of education where the educators do their best to remain extremely impartial, but at the same time critical. The synthesis of these two principles will allow our educators to benefit the prospective students much more than they do now.

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HalfCrazy said...

And another thought provoking post from you.

I agree with what you said about getting education from anywhere but as much as I don't like school, (because of the outdated curriculum and dozens of unimportant subjects; Capitalism) we have to go anyway.

I didn't know that about Urban schools being a ground for Recruiters, fraternities or any organization of some sort. Well I have an idea of it but it doesn't happen like that in our country. But then again, I don't study in a public school so I wouldn't know.

I think not a lot of schools progress but remain stagnant for 2-3 years or so. I mean, look at the facilities of some, food in the Cafeteria and of course, the quality of Education.

HalfCrazy said...

Also, I think I learn a lot of things outside the school than being in the classroom lol. I get info from books, sometimes newspapers and magazines, and the internet of course.

Monkey Wrench said...

I am completely in favor of education through other means--newspapers, blogs, and the like. Thanks for the comment!!


Kelly W. Patterson said...

Schools are by design an indoctrination center to train future factory workers and destroy any sense of individuality or creativity. Educating was never the intended purpose of the public school system. In fact, it would be more correct to say that the purpose was to prevent the majority of the population from learning useful skills and prepare them for a life of mundane repetitive work. People who do manage to acquire a quality education do so in spite of public schools, not because of them.

Monkey Wrench said...

agreed kelly, agreed.

HalfCrazy said...

I learn so much from different medias than going to school for a year lol. You ever feel that.

zmanowner said...

Having read everyone of your posts..You are totally on target with some ideas about education and how capitalism effects the everyday person. The Navy recruited 57k last year less then 15% were minority. Some people think the best way to stick it too the man is beat him at his own game. Interesting blog...much luck...Zman sends

Monkey Wrench said...

Thank you for your comment, always appreciated, and that goes for everybody.