Monday, March 9, 2009

An Anarchist's Plans for Summer

Summer's going to be fun this year. This is a little list of some things I want to do. They won't all happen, but I'm going to work very very hard to try to do as many of them as I can. Anyway, here's a list!!

  • See as many ska shows as possible!!-- I try to see as many punk/ska shows as I can. It is my music, it is my life. The frantic upbeat, the 2-tone rhythm that can always make me happy no matter what the world throws at me, I just love it. The bands I will be seeing for sure this are: 1. Less than Jake with the Flatliners (March 14, this Saturday!), 2. Big D and the Kids Table, 3. Streetlight Manifesto, 4. Reel Big Fish, 5. Leftover Crack/Choking Victim, 6. Mustard Plug. These guys are gonna make for a summer full of skankin' and fun!! Punk rock shows, and in particular ska shows, are the BEST!
  • I will also try to start a squat with this kid from Penn State University, who wants to develop something like C-Squat in New York here in PA. It will be an arduous task, though. We have to first clean the place up (the building is a hole right now, it needs roofing, wall repair and some kind of heating), then populate it for as long as possible without alerting police or neighbors. It'll be cool just to get some free housing up though, so definitely listen in for more on this. It's one of my more lofty goals, but we'll see.
  • I want my band to get moving, practiced up, and then do some local touring. We're pretty good, doing completely original stuff with a few covers sprinkled in for variety and practice purposes. That will be fun when we get it off the ground. I'll post a link when we get our shit together.
  • Of course I'm going to be blogging my heart out, as I have become so used to doing now. Finding blogging like a year or so ago was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It provides a place for me to journal personal thoughts, as well as giving me a sort of forum to express alternative political ideas. Know this--no matter how far I travel this summer, I will continue to blog. I love it!
  • To wrap it up, I'm just going to bum around, hang out, meet new people, relax and wait for college to start.

So, yeah, that's it! If anybody knows any get-together's I don't know about, just drop me an address here (that includes punk concerts, squat-meets, rallies, etc.).
Also, if you're meandering into PA, well, I might have a place to crash and hangout if you want. Talk to me!!

To a happy summer, fast approaching,



HalfCrazy said...

Yay another "Plans for Summer" blog! Same here, I hope I get to do everything I wrote in my blog lol. Well good luck in doing yours!

What's a squatt? You mean like you really have to squatt in a certain place with people? That's gonna be cool as you'll probably meet a lot of people.

What is your band's music, like Rock or Ska?

And that's what I love about blogs too, I can say whatever I want and keep records of stuff I'm doing or thinking then I'll look back a decade later. I think that would be cool lol!

Monkey Wrench said...

Thanks for the kind words.

A squat is taking a building left empty and re-appropriating it so that people can live in it. It's against the law, but many squats operate fully under the radar. Think of it like a free place to crash, sleep, eat, and hangout, all without rent, landlords or leases.

My band is ska all the way!

Thanks again for the comment.

HalfCrazy said...

Sounds like what an Anarchist would do. Freedom loving people. :)