Friday, February 20, 2009

Me and All the Other Radicals

I've been called a radical before. I've been laughed at for my "political" views, and I've been deemed unrealistic, stupid, idealistic, and crazy for wanting the abolishment of our task-masters. and the destruction of our chains. I ask you this--

What is so radical about wanting stomachs full? What is so radical about wanting housing for everyone, and wanting working infrastructure and water, heat and light? What's so radical about wanting to live life to its fullest extent, even if that means avoiding the eight hour grind? What's radical about wanting to help people out, and not wanting money or even recognition in return? I must be radical because I care. I must be radical because I love you, your friends, and me. I must be radical because I love life and freedom, and I stand against those who threaten both. I must be radical.

I must be radical.

Sometimes, when people won't even engage in conversation with me about how things could be different, how they could be, I just get very resentful. Nothing pisses me off more (and I've said this in other blogs) than a closed mind. Being opinionated is one thing, but we all must come to realize the benefits of conversation, the mutual gain that both parties obtain when they converse together. I cannot deny it. I will even go so far as to say that conversation has made me respect many Conservative thinkers and them me. Through our talks about the state of the country, and even the world, we both walk away with new ideas, new thoughts, new experience. I won't bullshit--there are many people who I've talked with who maintain straight-conservative opinions, but they are intelligent enough to speak with me like a reasoning human, and for this, I respect them. For the most part, unless you are completely uncompromising (and thus unintelligent to believe that you are absolutely right) I will respect your opinion, even if I don't think it's right. I'll hear you out, offer my thoughts, engage you, and if it's a good conversation, we'll both walk away better people.

Revive conversation--It's been dead awhile!!

But, back to the topic at hand...

Though the Anarchists, the Syndicalists, the Primitivists, the Left Libertarians, the unnamed Socialists, the Horizontalists, and the Cooperatives all ally themselves under different sects, we are all brothers. We are all comrades under the black flag, the flag with every color in it. We are all radical because we reject the social and economic order forced upon us. We are all radical, and we can't be afraid of this term. It is ugly at first glance, polarizing and scary even. But we, as Anarchists, all of us, every sect, must embrace this term and make it our own. Maybe how we think really is radical for all of those sleep-walking through life, beating out a path already predetermined by bosses and managers and politicians. But, more importantly, it isn't radical for us, and that is what matters. It is not radical to me, this pursuit of freedom and mutual aid, decentralization and free association. to me, it is the best way for the people and for myself. I will pursue it, fight for it, and talk about it because it is my way.

It is Anarchy.

Solidarity, Autonomy, Peace, Love and Respect to Everyone--



HalfCrazy said...

Wait, while I was reading your second paragraph, it seems like these are also my thoughts written by another person lol and it's kinda creepy! All for love and freedom of the people! I guess we're the same. Radical.

So is that good or bad in the eyes of the people? lol

Much Love,

Jesse M. said...

Right on! Keep up the writing- viva la revolucion! (cultural, or otherwise-sometimes it is necessary)