Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Counter-Culture

Creating a counter-culture is the best way of getting our ideas as Anarchists out of the realm of theory and into practice. A readily available counter-culture ripe for harvesting new friends and allies from is the punk-rock community. No, everyone is not an Anarchist, and no, not everyone is really into politics at all, but so is the real world, my friends! Still, there is a generally large pool of Anarcists without Adjectives, Marxists, Radical Socialists, Anarcho-Nihilists, and more that go to punk rock shows. It's all about finding them, and building friendships. The people that you connect with at ska shows and in little tiny venues can become some of your best buddies, and comrades in general.

Pass out leaflets advertising your blog (cough, cough...), or pirate some paper and ink and pass out zines with your contact info on the cover. Do whatever it takes to network within the Anarchist Community. Talk to people about the bands you like, meet up over the internet, whatever!

When we can develop a counter-culture, and refine it to be a functional network of friends and friends of friends, focused on Mutual Aide and freedom, that will be when we can make Anarchy work. It has to work in small steps first, and then we can take it to the moon.

Confucius said that a working family would be the necessary starting point to achieve a working State. Well, I say that a working, liberal and productive Collective/Affinity Group/Counter-Culture will be the necessary starting point to achieve a working Anti-State Society.


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