Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recommended Reading and Resources for the Frustrated and the Would-Be Anarchist

While Anarchy is a philosophy of practice, we need theory and written dialectic on our aspirations. Here is a list of places to find info about what anarchy really means. Check it out!!

www.zinelibrary.info -- This place has thousands of independent and traditional radical pamphlets, magazines and essays.

http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/anarchist_archives/index.html --- This provides essays, works and letters from major anarchist theoreticians that are famous and have political backgrounds.

www.crimethinc.com --Arguably the most modern, awesome and resourceful haven for anarchists on the net. these guys are great, and all of the books they publish are extremely affordable, and great for breaking into theory.

Those should get you started. As far as names go, let me drop a few.

Pierre Joseph Proudhon
Mikhail Bakunin

Peter Kropotkin
Emma Goldman
George Woodcock
Rudolf Rocker
Lucy Parsons

so, check those names out, look at some of the essays, and by all fucking means, respond back iwth discussion questions, problems, thoughts and theories!!



Anonymous said...

I know Bakunin, but I haven't heard of the others. I'll definitely check out some of these sites.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list, would Ayn Rand also be good reading? I tend to like it...

Monkey Wrench said...

Ayn Rand would be right up your alley. Her Anarchism (or Minarchism) always seemed to me to be what you would most identify with Jesse. Give it a look, for sure.