Friday, January 9, 2009


Unity by our individuality will be the glue that holds an Anarchal society together. When we, as people, can break free of the chains that Capitalism has attached to us (Rewarding greed, necessitating dehumanizing labor, racism and bigotry, etc) then we may fly upward, and realize the utopia that we dream about.

Capitalism is an economic system that allows the ownership of capital (land and labor) and other resources (the oceans, the atmosphere, etc.) by private individuals, as opposed to the state owning them, or a public majority ownership. From this economic system is where most, if not all, of the recurrent and monstrous social problems in the world have sprung from.

The reason for this is many-faceted, and I am not well read enough, at least in my opinion, to critique every surface of the polygon of capitalism. What I can say about it though, I will.

With the majority of the country's money in the hands of maybe 5% of the people, something is wrong. When politicians and the owners of giant corporations eat $200 meals every night and young children in trailer parks and urban ghettos sleep hungry, something is wrong. We have a problem, and that problem is the reverence we show towards the pursuit of cash, and the heartlessness and even violence we are willing to commit in defense of it.

Capitalism uses greed as its main motivating force. Examine the mentality of most Americans-- 'Make as much money as you can and keep it all for yourself.' I would not attempt to make a spurious generality and say that this is how all Americans think (I am an American, and I don't think that way!), but it is prevalent in the common upbringing of the typical American child. Isn't that the philosophy ingrained into us as kids? The whole, 'Value of a dollar' thing? We are not interested in benefitting society, we are in it to make it for ourselves. Screw the rest, grab as much as you can and live it up! Do whatever you ahve to do to be better than the other guy. It's a competition, a competition for the most cash, the most power.

This greed (and the 'Competition between private industry') is the driving force behind capitalism, and the subsequent culprit responisble for the ever-widening gap between the rich and poor. People get rich through some means (usually inheritance, which only further continues the seperation of classes into rich aristocracy and poor laborer) and then hoarde all of that wealth. Yes, some may do what they call 'Charity,' but, in the minds of the rich, this charity is merely a cheaper form of advertisement.

The economic system of the United States has made the majority of its residents power hungry, money-grabbing pawns, each feeding the bigger fish above him through his personal subjugation of his underlings. This goes for every Corporate CEO, every boss, every Manager, every Assistant Manager, every one who is put in a position where he may execute his authority over someone else. They all are devout in their worship of Capitalism and the dollar, and their only wish is to get to the next level of the wholly corrupt "Corporate Ladder," and they DON'T CARE WHO THEY STEP ON.

I do understand that Capitalsim has shaped this country into what it is today, but is that supposed to be a defense of it? Look what the country has become. I will not deny that compared to other places, America may seem a utopia in of itself, but we residents have our own chains too, and I will not be free until all of my brothers are free from Capitalism's bonds, at home and abroad.

There will be more to come later.

Peace and Love,

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